Cop fired for fatally shooting a black unarmed man.

On Thursday, after fatally shooting an unarmed black man, the Texas police officer was fired, says the officials. In a statement, the Wolfe City Officials said that the 22-years-old Shaun Lucas was fired for, “for an egregious violation of the City’s and police department’s policies.” No further information was provided by the officials on Lucas’s … Read more

Mom assaulted and raped by “friend’s pleads guilty to murder after judge’s refuses stand your ground defence”

An Alabama woman, who shot and killed a man after she said he raped and physically assaulted her, has pleaded guilty to murder. Brittany Smith was indicted in March 2018 for the murder of Joshua “Todd” Smith. Months earlier, in January 2018, Brittany shot and killed Smith at her home in Stevenson, after he allegedly … Read more