Married police officer having a clean record fatally shoots ex-girlfriend and then kills himself while on duty

A shocking murder-suicide case has been apparently investigated y the authorities in Vermont, which has been committed by a veteran police officer having a clean record, while on duty. According to the reports, Jeffery Strock, a part-time officer at the Washington County Sheriff’s office, fatally shot Julie Fandino at her home in Barre Town on … Read more

Mom Arrested on Suspicion of Child Abuse After 7-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Shot His 3-Year-Old Sister When He Found the Loaded Gun She Left By the Couch

A mother has been arrested after her 7-year-old son found an unsecured firearm inside their home and accidentally shot his 3-year-old sister. According to CBS 4, the Colorado family was home Tuesday morning as the two children engaged in a game of “swords” with each other. The 3-year-old, identified as Ruby Jackson, was using a broomstick during … Read more