Christian Beliefs

Holy Eucharist

When I walk into any Catholic Church I am drawn, inexplicably to the Tabernacle. It is, for me, a place of peace and quiet in a busy and chaotic world. It is a sense of peace that simply cannot be found anywhere else. That is because of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

Chalking the Doors on Epiphany

Chalking the doorway is done as a blessing. A blessing for the home, for those who live there, for those who might come and visit. It’s a reminder of God’s presence in our lives and dedication, to Him, of everything that will happen throughout the year to God.

Visit the Incarcerated

“It ain’t right,” said Rogelio (not his real name) an inmate in a federal prison that I’ve been meeting and helping. “It ain’t right that I come to know who Jesus Christ is, the Blessed Mother is, and the doors close to me all just because I am in prison.”

Bringing the Gospel To All: Being an LDS Missionary

There are many misconceptions about what the Missionaries do and why they do it. I’ve heard so many different explanations, as to why these young men and women serve a Mission. The ideas range from getting a free college education to not being able to get married or buy a home if they don’t serve a Mission. We spoke with Sister Dean and Sister Albrecht to learn about them and what they do.