Cat Hangs Around Hospital So Much He Gets His Very Own Job

Elwood the cat kept hanging around the hospital, so he eventually got “hired” and received an employee ID badge

Everyone who loves to work and takes the job seriously should be allowed to do it- even cats! Elwood the cat was truly devoted to his job at the local hospital, so he was eventually hired!

Chantel Trollip, who works there, explains:

“I first met Elwood about a year ago. I picked up more hours at the hospital and saw him hanging around more often. He’s there pretty much every day, if I don’t spot him, my coworkers do. He’s usually either securing the front door waiting for pats or lounging in the bushes nearby soaking up the sun.” 

Elwood the cat

While no one knows where he comes from or who he belongs to, the hospital staff started to accept the cat as a member of their team.

Over time, he has become a regular.

Elwood the cat with his own employee ID badge

Yet, one day, as Trollip came to the hospital, Chantel was pleasantly surprised: Elwood had received an employee ID badge, which labeled him as part of the security team!

She said:  

“He’s got his own ID badge which is identical to our actual staff badges, down to the call codes on the back.” 

Elwood appreciates his job, and makes sure he is always on patrol!

While he still loves the attention and head pats he gets, he doesn’t have too much time to cuddle or linger around one group anymore.

Elwood the cat in front of the hospital with employee ID badge

Trollip added:

“He enjoys a good pat but likes to keep things short and move around a fair bit. He is on the security team, after all, has to make sure everyone coming and going gets checked.”

Everyone feels safer and happier thanks to him!

Trollip is showing up-close the employee ID hanging on the cat's chest