Carson Daly Says That He’s Still ‘in Denial’ About Suddenly Losing Mom in Touching Birthday Tribute

Television host Carson Daly was devastated in September 2017 when he lost his beloved mother, Pattie Daly Caruso.

The 73-year-old, who made a name for herself in the media industry, passed away in her Palm Desert, California home from a heart attack.

And it’s still been difficult for Daly to wrap his head around the tragic loss, he said on Instagram this week.

The “Today” host posted a sweet photo of his mother in honor of what would have been her 75th birthday. He wrote, in part:

Mom would have been the big 75 today.

He added that his family remembered her by chowing down on all of her favorite foods and spending time with loved ones.

Daly wrote:

As I told my sister this morning, I’m still in total denial & plan on calling her later. We’ll celebrate tonight w her classic fried chicken, tons of red vino & peanut butter cookies! And her grand babies of course. Love you mom! happy bday & Talk later ❤️?

The mom had Carson and her daughter, Quinn, with her first husband, Jim Daly. He also passed away at an “early age,” according to Caruso’s obituary.

Caruso later remarried to Richard Caruso, who died five weeks after his late wife.

Though she has passed, her family continues to grow. Daly has three children with his wife of four years, Siri Pinter.

Although, his mom’s passing has affected his relationship with his kids, London Rose, 4, and Etta Jones, 6, and Jackson James, 10.

The father of three recently said that he puts his guard up in order to avoid loving his kids “too much.”

He explained to “Today” it’s because he was so devastated when he lost his very loving mother:

“Because my parents, my mom especially, loved me so much, it was almost too much. And I know that now because when she died the hurt was a transference of the love, right? It hurt so much because I’m so bummed that that love isn’t there anymore, and that’s a byproduct of her love for me. And that’s the greatest gift you can give your kids.

But it’s scary. It’s a scary proposition too. I find myself falling in love with my kids, and I almost want to put a little bit of a guard there out of fear.”

Though healing will be a long process for Daly, it seems he has a loving and supportive family by his side to help him get by.