Car Thief Trevor George Killed Teen Babysitter In Pumpkin Patch Allegedly

A man has been accused for strangling and shooting a heroic teen babysitter who tried stopping the man from stealing a truck from the property in rural Colorado. The babysitter was looking after a young child at the place of the incident.

The 32 year old Trevor George has been taken into custody on Friday and has been charged with auto theft and first-degree murder for allegedly killing the babysitter and first-degree attempted murder for allegedly trying to kill the young girl in the babysitter’s care. Local news reported that he is also being charged for previous offence for possession of a weapon and first degree assault along with four counts of felony menacing.

The man had to be tasered at a Shell gas station after he was pursued by multiple law enforcement agencies in his stolen car. The family members of the child who was being babysitted said that she ran out of the house when she saw the truck being stolen that was parked around the pumpkin patch surrounding the home.

After the family friend babysitter screamed George allegedly strangled her and then shot her when he tried to enter the property to attack the young child. The child mother returned to a dead babysitter lying on the pumpkin catch and George trying to attack her child.

She also informed the police that the guy threatened to kill her before he fled and escaped to the adjacent property by fleeing above the fence. The mother made herself and her child hide in the crawl space of the home waiting for the police to arrive.