Cannibal killer stabs ex-girlfriend before cooking and eating her brain and heart

An Indiana man convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend in 2014 was sentenced on Tuesday to life in prison without possibility of parole.

Joseph Oberhansley was convicted of murder and burglary in the death of Tammy Jo Blanton, 46. WLKY reported that Blanton’s mutilated body was found under a trap in the bathroom of her Clark County home.

WHAS reported that Oberhansley previously confessed to kicking in Blanton’s back door and forcing his way into the bathroom, where Blanton was hiding. After fatally stabbing Blanton, Oberhansley said he cooked and ate parts of her brain and heart.

Oberhansley admitted to killing Blanton and cooking and eating parts of her brain and heart. He told detectives he kicked in the back door of the home and the bathroom door to get to her.

Oberhansley’s attorneys previously argued that their client’s confession was coerced. Oberhansley later claimed two Black men stabbed Blanton and knocked him unconscious during a break-in.

Oberhansley was twice found to stand trial and underwent mental health treatment to restore his competency. Prosecutors withdrew the death penalty after Oberhansley’s legal team petitioned to have his insanity defence withdrawn, according to the News and Tribune.

The Prosecution and defence agreed that Oberhansley’s mental health information would not be presented during the trail. However, mental health experts were allowed to testify during the sentencing phase that Oberhansley showed signs of having schizophrenia.

WHAS reported Oberhansley has twice stood trial for Blanton’s murder. A mistrial was ruled in 2019 after a witness’s testimony included agreed to omit as it may unjustly sway the jury.