California Mother/Hiker Rescued After Two Weeks In Zion National Park – She Was Found Hit On Head And Had No Food For 12 Days, Family Says

by San Eli News

It’s been two weeks since several search operations have been performed in order to solve the case of a missing California mother/hiker who has been reported missing for two weeks in Zion National Park and now, she has been found and rescued on Sunday.

As we previously reported, the 38-year-old California mother/ hiker identified by the name Holly Suzanne Courtier was reported missing earlier this month. Suzanne was reported to be last seen in a shuttle bus but she never returned during its return trip.

Suzanne’s daughter, Kailey Chambers told that her mother has traveled through the U.S states in a converted van since she lost her nanny job due to the coronavirus pandemic. Also, she mentioned that they have already visited and have gone for a hike in the national park a few months earlier.

The latest update which was revealed and was published by us was about a press release held by Zion National Park Deputy Chief Ranger Andrew Fitzgerald and Chief of Interpretation Amanda Rolland.

They both said that Holly Suzanne Courtier left her cell phone in California which made it impossible for them to track her with a signal and tower whereabouts. However, with the search operation being held, the team found her car being left behind as the park had prohibitions against driving personal vehicles insides the premises of the park. With this also Suzanne’s daughter never gave up and refused to take back the search operation held to find her mother.

The good news got to hear as soon as the search team got in touch with a witness who was well aware of the case and helped the missing mother to get back to her family.

Suzanne had hurt herself on the head and didn’t have any food for about 12 days, said her daughter.

“She injured her head on a tree,” Kailey Chambers told CNN via text message. “She was very disoriented as a result and thankfully ended up near a water source — a river bed. She thought her best chance of survival was to stay next to a water source.”

“She was unable to take more than a step or two without collapsing. This prevented her from being able to seek out help. She told me she was so dehydrated she couldn’t open her mouth.”

“She is in good spirits and very thankful for everyone who held massive search operations for her, especially the people who found her today and the rangers that rescued her,” the family friend said on Sunday, according to CNN.

“For now, my top priority is my mom’s fast recovery,” Chambers told the news station. “We will continue to focus on her health and will update everyone about her condition when possible.”