Tragedy struck during a California’s family’s fun-filled pool day when a mother of four suffered an agonizing brain injury after a dive and ultimately was taken off life support, a report said.

43-year-old mother of four, Maria Guadalupe Ambriz Davis, wife of a Los Angeles Fire Department paramedic was having a fun time with her kids – Brianna, Jacob, Adam and Zoic – last month when the unfortunate incident occurred, People reported.

In an interview session, Greg David has this to say about his wife, “She was everything to me, so much more than a wife. I loved to do anything for her because I know she had already done that for me…I will miss her forever,” he added.

Ehia Ambriz who is still in shock about the sad demise of her sister, Marie, expressed her heartbreak. “The tragedy has been hard on so many levels, but losing our best friend is the hardest. In all of her role as a wife, mother, daughter, and sister, she was the first and foremost our best friend. We will forever be at a loss without her,” Ambriz told People.

“She was the brightness in our family,” she continued. “Being eight years apart, she took care of me. She’d attend my school and work events. She was my champion. And I was hers. She made me a better person. As we grew and she became a mom, I saw just how amazing she truly was,” Ambriz recalled.

“She was so involved with her kids. Always attentive and engaged. Her kids are beautiful people because of who she was…I’ll always feel a hole inside now that she isn’t with us, but forever grateful I got to have 35 years with her.”

Brianna Fuerte, 21, Maria’s eldest daughter said her mom was her “best friend” and “always knew what to do and what to say.”

“She was my rock. We had such a close relationship, one that I would always brag about. Words will never express the love and adoration I have for her. My mom was always there for me no matter what. We used to tell each other everything. Good and bad.”