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CAA announces 2021 football schedule; Richmond, William & Mary and James Madison to play home-and-away



RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The three Colonial Athletic Association schools in Virginia will be seeing a lot of each other this spring.

The CAA announced on Tuesday that Richmond, William & Mary and James Madison, along with Elon, will be in the South Division for this unique football season.

The four schools will play each other, home-and-away, for a total of six games each.William & Mary opens at Richmond on March 6, while James Madison heads to Elon on the same day.

The CAA North Division will be made up of UAlbany, Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Stony Brook and Villanova, with each of the seven schools playing one game against the rest of the division.

The team with the best overall record in the conference will earn the CAA’s automatic bid into the NCAA playoffs.

There is still no conference championship game.

Conference play would conclude on Saturday, April 17. Each team would have a bye week in the schedule, which could allow for make-up games if any are postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are pleased to announce the conference schedule for the 2021 Spring football season, but understand this is just the next step in the planning process associated with playing football on each of our campuses,” CAA Commissioner Joe D’Antonio said in a press release. “Our unique divisional format was developed with the goal of enhancing safety and reducing the risks associated with travel during this difficult period of time, while still providing a fair and competitive model to determine a champion. Today’s announcement hopefully provides an additional level of excitement for the student-athletes and coaches who have worked hard and made numerous sacrifices over the past eight months. As always, health and safety remain at the forefront of all return-to-play decisions that we as a Conference continue to make.”

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Browns Coach Breaks Silence on Odell Beckham’s Future



The Cleveland Browns are spending a pretty penny at the wide receiver position next season between Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry, but head coach Kevin Stefanski feels like his team is in a “good place” when it comes to their pass-catchers.

Stefanski joined the Keyshawn, Will and Zubin show and discussed the future of Beckham and Landry in Cleveland.

“I think we can, yeah,” Stefanski told former NFL receiver Keyshawn Johnson when asked if the Browns could keep both receivers despite their large cap hits. “I think you don’t want to be so dogmatic about it and say, ‘All right. We have to have this number of receivers and this number of tight ends and this running back.’ I think you go with what you have and you make sure that you’re putting yourself in position to field a competitive roster for a bunch of years moving forward.”

Stefanski on Roster Situation: ‘We’re in a Good Spot’


Getty ImagesBrowns head coach Kevin Stefanski.


When asked about the future of certain members of the roster, the company line for the Browns has been that they want to collect as many talented players as possible. But Cleveland has some big decisions to make as they look to improve on the defensive side of the ball after investing heavily on offense over the last three offseason.

Beckham and Landry alone would eat up more than 15% of the Browns total cap space with their 30.5 million combined cap hit.

Beckham is scheduled to make $15.75 million this season, with $12.791 million of it guaranteed for injury. Landry carries a $13.253 million salary, but just a $3 million dead cap hit.

“I think we’re in a good spot. The easy part to say is, ‘Hey, just give us more players. Give us three more great players on the offensive side, and give us three players on the defensive side, and we’re going to spend this amount on each guy.’ I think we have a plan. We’ll follow through with that plan.

“But ultimately as coaches, we’ll make it work with whatever we go to,” Stefanski said. “And I say that because sometimes you have a season, I’ve been a part of some teams in the past where you had four great receivers, so you molded your offense to that, or you had three great tight ends, and you molded your offense to that. So that’s our job as coaches to take what we have on our roster and make sure we’re maximizing everybody’s talents.”

Jarvis Landry’s Cryptic Tweet Sparked Concerns

While there has been lots of speculation around Beckham’s future in Cleveland, Landry has mostly avoided any of that talk. However, the 28-year-old Landry sparked some concerns when he tweeted last month: “If One Door Closes… That Means Bigger Ones Are About To Open.”


Landry played through injury last season with a cracked rib but was still the team’s leading receiver, snagging 72 catches for 840 yards and three touchdowns. It was a fairly mediocre year by his standards, coming in with his lowest reception total since his rookie season.

Browns general manager Andrew Berry could only laugh when asked about the tweet.


“You’re going to have to ask him,” Berry told reporters. “He played really well for us last year. He’s one of our team leaders. Unfortunately, I don’t follow him on Twitter. We like Jarvis a lot.”

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Blake Griffin Reveals Why He Chose Nets Over Lakers & Warriors



When the Detroit Pistons announced that they would be shutting Blake Griffin down in hopes to find a trade partner or reach a buyout agreement, NBA fans knew that championship contenders would be knocking down Griffin’s door in hopes to acquire the six-time All-Star.

Major suitors included the Warriors, Lakers, and Heat but ultimately Griffin decided to roll with the Brooklyn Nets, despite the fact that they could not offer him the most money. On Monday, he detailed why Brooklyn was his first choice.

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Blake Griffin Reveals Why He Chose Nets

“They have a need for a 4-man. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Steve Nash and all of the guys they have,” Blake Griffin told Bleacher Report via NetsDaily.

“Sean Marks has done a great job there. It was a tough decision and I wanted to be on a team that was contending.”

Above all else, what drove Griffin to the Empire State over the other contenders is the fact that they look more poised to win a championship than any other team, even if their record reflects otherwise.

“My only goal is to help win a championship,” Griffin said via NetsDaily

“Some years it’s more realistic than others. But that’s why I came to Brooklyn.”

Griffin Is Excited for ‘Lob City’ Reunion

When Griffin suits up with the Nets for the first time he will be reunited with his old Los Angeles Clippers teammate DeAndre Jordan. Jordan and Griffin built a very close relationship during the ‘Lob City’ era.

The six-time All-Star is over the moon about being reunited with his old friend which also played a major part in him choosing the Nets.

“We go way back,” Griffin said of DeAndre Jordan via NetsDaily.

“Anybody who you’re that familiar with it always makes it easier. That definitely played a part.”

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Griffin at one point was one of the best power forwards in the NBA. While his prime years may be behind him, he still enjoys going up against the best players of his position because at the end of the day he will always be a competitor.

“The best in my position – Giannis and AD. It’s always a challenge so those guys are the most fun,” Griffin said of who his favorite players to play against are via NetsDaily.

Sean Marks Sounds off on Blake Griffin Signing

One person who deserves his flowers for the product that the Nets are getting ready to unleash is their General Manager Sean Marks. Brooklyn once had one of the worst rosters in the NBA, but brick by brick Marks, has been able to build a roster that is star-studded with talent.

Just like with the rest of the stars that he has helped get to Brooklyn, he is ecstatic to welcome Griffin to the County of Kings.

“We’re fortunate to be able to add a player of Blake’s caliber to our roster at this point in the season,” Marks said in a statement via CBS Sports.

“Blake is a versatile frontcourt player with a long track record of success in our league, and we’re excited about the impact he’ll make for us both on and off the court in Brooklyn.”

Griffin is set to make his debut on Thursday when the Nets play the Boston Celtics.

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High school football team told National Anthem won’t be played, so they sing it loud



If you’ve got just one eye on the current affairs of the U.S. right now, you’ll know that the country is in the midst of a political upheaval.

Tensions are running high and demonstrations seem to be occurring every single day, driven in the main by the racial strains that have risen to the surface this year following the wrongful deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, amongst others.

With many clamouring to voice their concerns and complaints, virtually every walk of life in the U.S. is facing change.

The arena of sports has been an obvious outlet over the years when it comes to people expressing their beliefs and principles, not least because of the nature of its diversity.

Colin Kaepernick famously drew attention to the plight of Black Americans by kneeling during the national anthem back in 2016. He was heavily criticised for doing so, eventually even losing his job as an NFL player because of it.

Given the events of this year, he’s garnered more support, but the fact he had to suffer for his conviction isn’t right at all.

Of course, there’s a debate currently raging regarding the national anthem, and whether or not it should be played at sporting events. Certain high-profile figures have followed Kaepernick in kneeling for the anthem during recent times, whilst others see that as a move of disrespect.

Personally, I think people should have the right to choose. After all, for some people respecting the flag and anthem is of paramount importance.

One high school football team in Granbury, Texas certainly think it is. When their high school band couldn’t play before a game, the Granbury Pirates weren’t happy at all.

In fact, they were so affected that they decided to sing the National Anthem together, a capella. The team rose to their feet, placed their hands over their hearts and belted out the anthem with passion and pride.

I don’t know about you, but hearing such a rendition makes my heart swell with pride.

Listen to the boys in the video below:

Everyone should have the right to choose whether they want to sing and stand for the national anthem, but I think we can all agree that the video above is something truly special.

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