Bystanders Film Toddler Mimicking Her Parents as She Approaches Armed Officers With Her Hands Up

Florida police had to stray from protocol when a toddler approached them with her hands up as they arrested one of her parents on Thursday.

A viral cellphone video shows the 2-year-old girl exiting her parents’ blue pickup truck before approaching the armed officers and her parents with her hands raised.

During the video, a bystander watching the barefoot toddler said:

“She’s trying to get out, but she can’t because she’s little. She is out. Oh, she’s holding her hands up. Oh, my God, look at that. Oh, my God.”

Moments later, the mother can be seen picking her daughter up.

One Facebook user commented on the young girl’s maturity.

He said:

Sad the parent put the baby in that situation ..luckily she is smart and didn’t run in the road and even put her hands up showing more maturity than her parent already.

However, for others, the video raised concerns that the officers were pointing their weapons at the child, the New York Post reports.

Another Facebook user commented:

The fact that they had the mother with them let’s me know they knew he had the child. My question is why when he was out the truck did they not go and get the baby instead of staying there holding guns on the truck. Then what if that baby didn’t go to them, what if she had have gotten scared and ran into traffic since they didn’t stop it? These muhf***s are stupid as f**k and those of you who see humor in this are just as dumb. This was risky as hell and it’s just a good thing it played out how it did.

In response, the Tallahassee Police Department released two body camera videos revealing a more in-depth perspective.

In one clip, an officer attempts to comfort the toddler before he allows her mother to scoop her up. Next, the officer allowed the mother to retrieve her 1-year-old son from the truck.

As the New York Post reports, Tallahassee Police Chief Michael DeLeo said:

“The body camera footage shows the officers’ concern for the children and their compassion as they permitted the mother to care for the children. I am proud of how officers handled the situation, how they adapted when they became aware of the children, the level of concern and compassion they showed to the family.”

Officers arrested Chad Bom, 34, and James McMullen, 38, on theft charges.

According to the New York Post, police drew their pistols and rifles due to reports that the suspects were armed.