Brother Bravely Defends Sister from Molester, Attacks Man With Metal Bottle

A brave minor from Indiana did not think twice to save his sister from being molested. He stopped the assault by hitting his sister’s abuser with a metal bottle in the head. The attacker responded by immediately fleeing the home of the underage children.
According to a report from NWI Times, the suspect was identified as Patrick Comiskey Jr., 20 years old, from Gary, Crown Point. He sustained injuries after being hit in the head with a metal bottle.
The one who hit Comiskey was the brother of a little girl whom Comiskey was allegedly molesting. The brother and sister were both minors, but this did not stop the brother from defending his sibling.
Photo: NWI Times
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Both the underage children were asked to provide a statement about the incident.

Based on the statement of the 12-year-old boy to the police, he has hit Comiskey in the head when he saw the attacker putting his hands inside the pants of his sister.
The girl told the authorities that Comiskey was playing wrestling with her on a bed. The two were covered in a blanket.
When the blanket fell on the floor, the boy saw what Comiskey was doing to her sister. To protect her sister, he immediately hit Comiskey with the bottle and drove him out of the house.
Photo: Unsplash/Pablo Padilla
According to the young girl who was only seven years old, it was not the first time that Comiskey would play wrestling with her. She even said that Comiskey would sometimes blow on her stomach for fun.
She also told the police that the molester has been doing that to her two weeks before her brother hit Comiskey, according to Crime Online.

After getting a good hit in the head, Comiskey fled the home of the two underage children and went home. In an interview, he told officers that he was only playing wrestling with the seven-year-old girl and that her brother misinterpreted what he saw.
Currently, Comiskey is being held on jail with no bail. His relationship with the two underage children is still not known.
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