Britney Spears’ Father No Longer Wants to Be Singer’s Conservator After Grandson Get Restraining Order

by San Eli News

The family drama going on in pop icon Britney Spears’ life continues to get more intense this week.
On August 25, the father of Spears’ two sons, Kevin Federline, filed a police report with the Ventura County Sherriff’s Office after he learned that his children’s maternal grandfather reportedly got physical with his son, 13-year-old Sean.

According to People, while visiting her father Jamie Spears with Sean and 12-year-old Jayden on August 24, Jamie got upset with Sean’s behavior.

As The Blast reports, the alleged altercation started when Sean locked himself in a room because he didn’t want to complete the task his grandfather asked him to do. That reportedly got Jamie “very angry,” and the 67-year-old broke down the door to the room where Sean was hiding.:

“There was physical contact that made Sean scared and upset. Britney got upset as well and ended their visit with Jamie.”

The source added that Britney is “upset” over her father’s behavior and couldn’t believe her father would jeopardize her current custody agreement with her ex-husband. The singer is reportedly “always terrified that she will lose custody.”
Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, told People that he believes Britney did the right thing by removing the boys from the hostile situation. Nonetheless, Federline requested a restraining order from Jamie for their boys, which was ultimately granted.

The former couple also updated their custody agreement which gives Federline 90-percent of the custodial rights and Spears just 10-percent. Kaplan said despite the change in their contract, Federline still wants Spears to have “continuing and meaningful contact with their mother.”
All of Spears’ scheduled visits with her sons will need to be supervised.
Now, Jamie is reportedly asking to be removed as Spears’ permanent conservator, a position he assumed in 2008, according to People. As E! News reports, Jamie is reportedly stepping down as the person who oversees her affairs due to health issues.
Neither Jamie or Britney has issued a statement regarding this news.
Last year, Jamie hospitalized. The health scare caused Spears to enter a mental health facility in order to “take some time for herself.”
It remains unclear if Sean was injured during the alleged altercation with his grandfather.