BREAKING: Nevada postal worker caught pledging to commit voter fraud

by San Eli News

As independent, citizen poll-watching continues in battleground states like Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada, more evidence of voter fraud is piling up.

In a recent Project Veritas post, a United States Postal Service worker is caught on video pledging to commit fraud by handing over improperly-delivered ballots to a person.

In the video below, a USPS worker states they will attempt to give an undercover journalist a “nice little handful” of legal ballots that were incorrectly delivered to the wrong address.

Several times, the federal employee says they’ll “see what [they] can do,” asking for the journalist’s unit number, so the would-be illegal ballots can be put into his mailbox.

Republicans are calling for citizens at every level to come out in support of the President and stand against what many see as election fraud.

Anti-fraud protests have occurred in Philadelphia and Washington, as well as in the southwest:

Earlier today, a postal worker in Michigan detailed possible voter fraud by his supervisor, and international election observers were barred from entry in Philadelphia: