Boy Loses Soldier Dad. 15 Yrs Later, Stranger At Door Tells Mom and Son To Come Outside And Gives Them Car

Justin Rozier never got to meet his father.

When he was just nine months old, Army 1st Lieutenant Jonathan Rozier passed away serving his country, leaving behind his wife, who he’d spoken to merely 12 hours prior, and his only child Justin.

Jessica Johns, Jonathan’s wife, tried her best to scrape by and pick up the pieces after her husband’s passing. She had to give up a few things, including the 1999 black Toyota Celica convertible that had belonged to Jonathan, which she could not afford to pay the loan for.

15 years later Justin had collected memorabilia of his father, including among his collection was an assortment of pictures and dog tags, but there was one thing he wanted more than anything else, his dad’s old car. As he was about to turn 16, Justin couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to drive the car his father had drove. Of course he knew it was impossible, so he settled his dreams on being able to drive a car of the same make and model.

His mother decided to embark on a search to trace the old car she’d let go and see if she could find it once again. She knew it was a search that would likely come up empty, but she knew she had to try for Justin. She made a post about her mission on Facebook, and before long, it had gone viral around the world.

Then, a miracle happened: Jessica located it. It took some bargaining and back-and-forth with the owner, but she was able to convince him to sell the car. There was just one problem: she would need to be able to buy it and pay for repairs on it.

That’s when Follow the Flag, a non profit organization run by Kyle Fox, stepped in to help. He helped raise the cash needed to purchase the car from its owner, and then gathered volunteers to work on fixing the car up.

Justin had no idea what was in store for him on his 16th birthday. When the car drove down the road, his reaction had everyone in tears. Check out the video to see what happened!