Boy Bravely Fights Off Attack of Large Python Who Slithered Out of Sewage Pipes

A 10-year-old boy bravely fought off a nine-foot python. Sankalp Pai, a fifth-grader residing in the Indian state of Karnataka, miraculously survived the attack of a large python who bit his leg while he was walking home.
Brave boy fights off python
According to Times of India, the child was on his way to a temple close to his home on a Wednesday evening. Out of nowhere, a large snake ambushed him and caught him off guard. The python allegedly came from a sewage pipeline and bit on the boy’s leg.
As a means of escape, Pai kicked the reptile in the head, continuously shaking for around five minutes until the reptile gave up and slithered back into the pipeline.
Photo: Yahoo News
The boy went on to alert nearby townspeople, who then contacted a local snake catcher. The latter immediately arrived at the area of the incident and dislodged the nine-foot long snake from the sewage pipe. Following its capture, the large python was taken to a biological park, according to Yahoo News.
The family of the poor fellow has informed authorities and other news outlets that he was doing well. Although he sustained minor injuries, Pai is expected to have a speedy recovery.

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Other reported snake attacks
A similar incident occurred in Kerala some time before the above events, when a 10-year-old girl died from the venom of a Krait snake.
The victim, identified as Adhitya, was bitten when she was sleeping next to her parents. After noticing the swelling on her body, they took the girl to the local hospital, where doctors confirmed their suspicions of her being bitten by a snake.
She was then transferred to a private hospital following the worsening of her health. Ultimately, the venom got a hold of her and she passed away in the last medical facility she was taken to.
Photo: Kristijan Arsov
The local government has already retrieved the reptile, finding it hiding under the family’s communal bed after a brief inspection of Adhitya and her parents’ abode.

Yet another death caused by a snake was that of a 10-year-old boy from Telangana, who was bitten while slumbering on the floor besides his brother, father and mother.
The victim’s name is Ramcharan. His brother, Narasimhulu, was also bitten. Whilst the former is deceased, the latter is in critical condition. Naramsimhulu’s age is not known.
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