Boxer Dog’s Reaction When The Baby Cries Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons

by San Eli News
Few things are as cute as dogs and babies. But when you mix the two of them together in the same video, you’re destined for viral gold. New parents with dogs must beware of how they introduce their new family member to the canine. Parents come up with all sorts of tricks to make it work, including taking a piece of clothing from the baby and allowing the dog to sniff it, so the canine is familiar with the new addition to the family before the in-person introduction.

Dogs are very territorial. If they feel that an unwanted guest is invading their space, they may react poorly. That’s why so many parents of little ones go the extra mile to introduce the dog to the smell of the baby before making the official introduction.

This video begins after that process has already been completed. The baby has been living with the family for some time, so the dog has already come to love the baby like a sister. There’s a reason this boxer dog has become so loved by people around the world. She is so protective of the little life that has just come back from the hospital and knows what to do to ensure the baby never feels lonely or afraid.

The video included below has been viewed more than 10.6 million times since it was uploaded to YouTube in 2012. Although it has been a few years since it was put online, the content remains as relevant today as it was back then. Here’s what the uploader wrote on the video-sharing service.

“When we brought our first daughter home from the hospital, we weren’t sure how the dog would react. Would she be jealous? Protective? We knew she would be a great family dog, but we didn’t expect this! The two of them are too cute!” the YouTube description stated. “The dog and baby are best friends, and Bella follows Malina everywhere. Bella sleeps in her room most nights and is the first to alert us when she’s upset. In exchange for her vigilance as a guard dog, Bella is rewarded with far more baby snacks than we would ever allow. But our floors stay clean!”

Watch the footage for yourself. You’ll see the newborn baby – who still has the bracelet from the hospital – as she coos and moves around the crib. Underneath the crib, the family’s boxer waits. She wants to ensure the little girl is protected and does not want to leave her alone.

Then, at the 45-second mark, the baby starts crying. This sound alerts the dog to her need to comfort the little baby. She starts crying along with the baby and does what she can to soothe the little human being.

Newborn babies cry often. They do so to alert their parents to their needs. But just in case the parents cannot hear their daughter’s cries, they have their boxer, Bella, to warn them. Bella won’t let the baby’s parents getaway w