Aunt Charged With Murder of Boy, 9, Who Was Found in Bathtub After 48 Hours

The quiet community of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, was shocked at the horrific crime that occurred in one of their neighborhoods. A nine-year-old boy met a grisly end at the hands of his own aunt. The body of Anson Landon Stover was found submerged in a bathtub in the family home.

Police officers were summoned to the home of Jamie Lynne Jackson at 600 block of East Bald Eagle Street. A relative called emergency services after spotting Jackson frantically cleaning her carpet and her nephew’s room.

When officers questioned the suspect, she claimed that she discovered her nephew’s lifeless body on the bathtub upstairs. According to Jackson, when she found Anson on the tub, a plastic tape was wrapped around his neck, and a strange fluid was coming from his mouth.

Photo: Foter/Che Corona

At first, the victim’s aunt claimed that she thought Anson was ‘faking it.’ According to Penn Live, Jackson claimed that she checked on him periodically on the tub, but the kid never responded or even moved.

Throughout the two days that Anson was submerged in the tub, his aunt cleaned his room, shampooed the carpets, and threw away the tape found on his mouth. Jackson also claimed that she took care of two other kids in the home.On Monday morning, Jackson claimed that his face was already cold and hard when she went to check on her nephew.

Victim has suffered from horrific abuse

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Due to the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death, officers ordered an autopsy for the victim. The medical coroner discovered that the nine-year-old victim had gone through unspeakable abuse.

The victim suffered bleeding on the brain, and there was also blood in his spinal fluid. The coroner also reported multiple injuries in Anson’s anus and pubic areas, likely caused by cigarette burns.

According to the autopsy report, Anson was also covered with abrasions all over his head, neck, chest, torso, legs, feet, arms, hand, and back.

When Jackson was taken into custody, she claimed that she had no idea where Anson have gotten those injuries, reported by Crime Online.

During her interview with the authorities, Jackson expressed her frustration with Anson’s frequent urination.

The suspect was ratted out by her own father

Photo: PennLive

The relative who notified authorities was the suspect’s own father, Hugh Jackson. Hugh received a frantic phone call from his daughter out of nowhere despite their estranged relationship.

During the phone call, Jackson was in a ‘hysterical’ state and allegedly asked for help from his father. While she did not admit to the crime, Jackson threatened to kill herself if the police show up in her house.