Audi R8 Spyder Owner Kills Student With Car, Yet More Worried About Damaged ‘Expensive Watch’

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A 24-year-old medical student in Alabama was found dead after a terrible car crash after sitting in the passenger seat. The suspect driver was said to be ‘drunk’ during the said accident. Investigation and trials are still under process. Shockingly, the neurosurgeon suspect was said to be ‘very worried’ about the accident, but not with the deceased student, but because of his damaged ‘expensive watch.’ 
Alabama student died; Driver shows no remorse?

(Photo : Photo by Fezbot2000 on Unsplash)Audi R8 Spyder Owner Kills Student With Car, Yet Worried More on Damaged ‘Expensive Watch’

Last month, Samantha Thomas, 24, a medical student in Alabama, was pronounced dead after being caught in a car crash while riding the same car with the suspect Dr. Jonathan Nakhla, a 36-year-old neurosurgeon, that drives the Audi R8 Spyder.
As reported via WKRG in Alabama, Nakhla and Thomas came from a pool drinking party, based on the collected surveillance cameras. Nakhla said on the investigator that he and Thomas only hit the road to buy a pair of ice cream. 
It was assumed that Nakhla had committed driving under the influence (DUI) after drinking alcohol. He was also caught speeding going around 138 mph during the accident. 
It was not explained via the Daily Mail UK report on how the car was caught in a collision, killing Thomas on the spot. However, the investigator points out that Nakhla’s blood alcohol concentration was above the legal limit of .08, although the final toxicology results are still pending, prosecutors said. 
After the collision, the investigator also testified that the suspect recalled unbuckling the seat belt of the victim, only to find out she was already dead. 
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Suspect more worried on something else

(Photo : Photo by Per Lööv on Unsplash )Audi R8 Spyder Owner Kills Student With Car, Yet Worried More on Damaged ‘Expensive Watch’

On Wednesday, Sept. 2, the court proceeds with the investigation. They said that the suspect was very sorry about what happened. Surprisingly, not with the deceased student– but due to his damaged ‘expensive watch’ after the incident.
The court jury pronounced Nakhla had responsibility for Thomas’ death. He was charged with manslaughter after the trial. 
Not only it feels like Nakhla was blaming the accident for his damaged watch, but it was also heard inside the ambulance car that he called on another person saying, “I know, baby, you loved that car.” 
The victim’s father was not satisfied with the manslaughter case. Also, he brought a civil lawsuit against the suspect, claiming that his ‘reckless driving’ while ‘under the influence of alcohol’ resulted in Thomas’ death.  
As of now, the investigations are still ongoing. 
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