Armed Man Arrested By CMDP For Trespassing At Polling Place

The local Police said that after voting, 36-year-old Justin Dunn, who was legally carrying an unconcealed firearm, continued to loiter within the PVA of the voting site.

At around 10:34 A.M., the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department received another regarding Dunn possibly intimidating other voters. the person was asked to go away the property by a politician presiding over the precinct location ahead of officers and voluntarily left without further issues. Dunn was also banned from returning thereto location by the precinct official, police said.

“I seem to be singled out, probably because I’m a Trump supporter,” Dunn said.

At around 12:40 P.M., the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department received yet another call that said Dunn had returned to the property. The police officers observed Dunn on the property after which he was placed under arrest and charged with 2nd-degree trespassing.

Although Dunn was legally carrying a gun, he claimed intimidation, while the police said he was possibly intimidating voters after he voted.

“I fear for my life when I’m publicly , especially when there’s Black Lives Matter t-shirts,” Dunn said.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg local department said they were ‘committed’ to keeping voters safe.

“The Charlotte-Mecklenburg local department is committed to protecting the proper of our community members to interact in safe, secure and unimpeded access to voting sites,” a handout read.