Angry Dad Chokes Out The Football Coach Who Refused To Play His Son

by San Eli News

Youth football games can get competitive. While children want to win the game, it’s usually the coaches and parents who take it most seriously. But few people take youth football as seriously as these violent coaches in Tulsa, Oklahoma. During a youth football game between third graders, one father (who happens to be an assistant coach) began throwing punches and attacking another coach because his son was not put into the game.

News9 from Tulsa reported on the violent outburst among the angry dads. Apparently, Coach A (he begged News9 to keep his name out of the reporting) grew furious at the other couch and accused him of disrespecting his son by not putting the boy into the game. Because he felt his boy was disrespected when he was not chosen to get into the game, Coach A threw the other coach into a headlock and tried to choke the life out of him.

The rampage occurred while the winning team was ahead 31 to 6. Although they were winning, the coaches began fighting because the son of the coach was not put into the game. Coach A let it be known that he wanted his son to play, but the other coach felt the boy was not ready.

Footage of the attack was uploaded to the YouTube channel, Video My Life, which described the event as follows:

“Third grade football game, 31-6 lead with just over two minutes to go, and coaches on the winning team decided to take the game to another level. The majority of volunteers are doing a great job.  Let this video be a reminder to keep your emotions in check and remember. It’s just a game.”

Before the man started choking the other coach, it was reported said that “Your son is slow, he’s not ever going to run the ball.”

Apparently, the son has autism. Such comments like this trigger Coach A into a violent frenzy. He was not able to control his temper and launched into an attempt on the other coach’s life by choking him during the youth football game.

Viewers admitted that it was “sad” that grown men like this have nothing real to fight over, so they tried to kill each other over their children’s football game.

“Fighting at any little league game should mean for a coach that they can never coach again period, especially for a little league team with 7/8-year-olds.”

One viewer said he saw something similar.

“I was just at my flag football game and the coach that got mad at a dad for making fun of the team, he got a knife and tried to stab the dad then the dad put him in a chokehold and the coach got sent to prison for something manslaughter so yeah, THAT IS ALL FOLKS”

Remember, this attack occurred during a youth football game in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The children playing were under ten-years-old.

Do you think these coaches should be allowed to lead teams in Tulsa after this violent outburst? Or should they be banned from youth football for life?

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