An 80-year-old Pennsylvania man shot his grandson, nowarrested.

by San Eli News

A strange incident has been reported from the state of Pennsylvania. A man named Edward Ray Supanick was arguing with his wife. They were having a severe argument. That’s when their 30 years old grandson. Joshua Cale Hillegas intervened. In the heat of the moment, the 80-year-old Supanick shot his grandson.

According to the reports, after being shot, he told his grandmother that “he shot me, now get out.” Reportedly, his grandmother tried to go away looking for the phone. That’s when Supanick pointed the gun at her saying that the next one will be she. Then, somehow by wrestling him, she disarmed him after knocking him to the ground.

An 80-year-old Pennsylvania man shot his grandson, now arrested.

Now, Supanick has been detained by police, and he is facing murder charges for his grandson. According to documents, he said that he wished that he shot her instead of his grandson.

According to troopers, the argument started after Supanick heard from his wife that they wanted to put Supanick in a nursing home facility. Supanick told during the investigation, that his finger accidentally slipped on the trigger. For more such latest news, stay tuned with us.