Alarming Video of Quick-Thinking Teen Avoiding Stranger in Car Reminds Parents to Talk to Kids About Safety

A California police department shared a chilling video on Facebook, ahead of spring and summer break, to remind parents to talk to their kids about safety when walking alone in their neighborhoods — no matter what time of day.

After the Vacaville police unit received security footage of a teen being followed in a residential community, midday, they released the clip to the public in an effort to protect children from suspicious behavior.

According to officials, a young lady in Vacaville was being followed by a dark Pontiac when she hid behind a car to get away from an unknown man.

The Vacaville Police Department/ Facebook

The intentions of the stranger remain unclear, but at the time of the incident, the child was scared when he stopped his car in the middle of the street and started to follow her.

The police department wrote:

We wanted to take a moment to remind parents and youth about some simple safety tips specific to strangers in cars.

They continued:

Recently a young lady was walking in [a] residential area […] when she noticed a man in a dark colored Pontiac following her. The young lady continued to walk while ignoring the vehicle. As she quickened her pace to get away from the man, he pulled further in front of her and stopped his car in the middle of the street.

Watch the video below:


The video shows the quick-thinking teen keeping a safe distance between her and the unknown vehicle after he repeatedly stopped.

After leaving the scene the first time, the driver came back to speak to the young girl. Police described the stranger as “a black male with short, dreadlock hair, approximately 20 years old.”

He’s wanted for questioning.

Parents who watched the clip thanked the department for sharing the video and safety tips for families. In response to the frightening ordeal, one commenter wrote:

I showed this to my teenage daughter, this Happens in any kind of neighborhood, daylight, no matter what. Very scary!! Sooooooo HAPPY THIS girl is ok, and was smart and brave. She did the right thing.

The department warned kids to watch out for strange cars following behind them, and said to “never approach strangers sitting in cars and NEVER get into a car with a stranger.”

Parents should talk to their kids about safety when walking home alone, said police.

For more on stranger awareness for kids watch the video below: