Airport baby abandoned in toilets desperately searches for mum 30 years…

A man who was abandoned at birth in the toilets of one of Britain’s busiest airports has renewed a heartfelt appeal for his real mum.

In 1986, Steve Hydes’ face was on front pages around the world after stunned Gatwick Airport staff found him wrapped in a tartan shawl and wearing two babygrows.

Dubbed ‘Gary Gatwick’, Steve was around ten days old at the time, but now, 30 years on, he’s looking for anwers.

The dad-of-two told our sister paper the Daily Record that he’s been trying to track down his parents for a long time, but he’s had no luck.

As part of his search Steve, who works as landscape gardener, has previously submitted his DNA to geneticist Dr Jim Wilson at Edinburgh University, which revealed that his parents could be from Scotland, England, Ireland, Germany or France.

Steve said: “Going public is one of my only ways in finding out any information on my birth family. I’m looking for anyone who may have any information however small, also anyone who may have worked at Gatwick that day and was there when I was found.

“I have spent the last 10 years doing appeals where I have appeared in newspapers,TV and a few years ago I did a documentary.”

Steve who is dad to Alanna, 7, and Kian, 3, added: “If I was to meet my birth mum obviously I would love to find out what happened and the reasons behind it, but I would also like to thank her as I have had such a good up bringing and have amazing supportive parents.

“I would like to reassure her there is no bad feeling and that I understand what she did was what she thought was best for me at the time.”

Airport workers who looked after Steve on the day he was found, appeared on BBC Three documentary The Gatwick Baby: Abandoned at Birth.

Steve Hydes

Known only as Nick and Moretta, the pair relived the dramatic moment that they realised no one was coming back for the tiny newborn.

Nick, said: “There was a time lapse where you just assumed that someone would come rushing up saying ‘I think I’ve left my baby’ and then there was a point where actually that’s not going to happen.”

Moretta was so moved by caring for an abandoned baby that she went on to foster children.

She told Steve: “When we found you, you were very clean, you wore a lovely little blue outfit.

“That’s one thing you can be sure of, whoever – I presume, your mother, looked after you really well.”