After desperate 5-day search, officials find non-verbal autistic child dead in river

In a tragic incident, a 4-year-old boy from Ohio who had vanished on Thursday was found on Monday afternoon, dead in a river, as reported by officials.

A press release made by the City of Kenton posted on Facebook and issued to Hometown Stations stated that the K-9 team from the Department of Natural Resources found the body of Quentin Elcessor in the Scioto River, 2 miles from where he had last been seen.

The 4-year-old boy was non-verbal and autistic. He vanished on Thursday in the 600 block of South Wayne Street in Kenton. Allegedly, he was walking away from a relative’s house, as reported by WTOL. The authorities have been searching for him since a search which came to a terrible end on Monday.

There is an autopsy pending and the cause of Elcessor’s death has not yet been confirmed by city officials. No other details on the case have been made public yet.

An investigation is underway but the police have previously declared that they do not suspect any foul play. Since this is a developing case, very little information is available as of now.