Abby Lee Miller Takes First Steps in Public While Talking About Health Journey on ‘The Doctors’

While a guest on the syndicated talk show “The Doctors,” celebrity dance instructor, Abby Lee Miller, best known for her reality show “Dance Moms,” was praised for her determination during her battle with cancer.

According to one of her doctors, oncologist Dr. Lawrence Piro, Miller’s latest scans show that everything is in place for the teacher to fully recover:

“Well as you heard, at least now we’re in a good position that her spine is stable. That’s an important part about recovery, that’s really good news.  Secondly, the surgery, it happened very quickly, so the time of pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves was as minimized as possible. And every evidence is that she should be able to recover.”

As Dearly previously reported, Miller was diagnosed with Lymphoma after she completed a prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud.

During her cancer journey, Miller underwent multiple surgeries, including one on her spine, chemotherapy, and radiation. As a result of her many treatments, the dance teacher loss the use of her legs, and she has been in a wheelchair ever since.

Now, the 53-year-old is rehabbing to regain the use of her legs. And following a knee replacement surgery, Dr. Piro said Miller has been doing everything right while rehabbing so that she can one day walk on her own again:

“But I think that the most important ingredient in her recover, and what is going to determine her possibilities for the future, is her own ability to work at rehab. Three weeks ago, we replaced her knee, so that that would stop being an impediment to standing, barring weight, and walking. And so since then, and anyone who has had a knee replacement knows that usually you’re like laid up for six weeks, you try to move but it hurts so much. She’s powered through, she’s been rehabbing for three weeks since that knee.”

And that’s when Miller decided to take her first steps in public with the aid of a walker.

As she made her way out of her wheelchair, Miller asked the audience to put their hands together and pray for her, remarking on how “scary” it was for her to do something like this.

Nonetheless, Miller was able to push herself out of her chair and take multiple steps as the audience and doctors cheered her on. The moment brought tears to Miller’s eyes.

What a powerful moment.