A woman claimed that her car was stolen with a 7-month-old baby

A woman’s car was stolen from the 2700 block of West 71st Street around 12:46 pm. The woman said she went inside the convenience store and after a few minutes someone jumped inside the car and fled away. She claimed that it was a grey SUV and there was a 7-month-old baby inside.

The police got active and found the SUV around on Chicago’s West Side on Monday. The police claimed that the baby was not inside the car and there were no signs of a baby being inside.

A photo was released of the baby after which a call was made to the police informing them about the baby. The baby was found with the babysitter the entire time.

Authorities confirmed that investigators are looking into the case and its not clear who will be charged for the crime. No more updates have been released from the side of authorities.