A Suspect Arrested After 21 Years Who Had Connection With a Murder Of Her Stepsister Who Mutilated & Was Nearly Decapitated In Car

Thursday – A Montana man has been put behind the bars for allegedly killing his stepsister who was found mutilated and nearly decapitated in a car in Lowa back in 1999.

The man, who is identified as 52-year-old Matt Kennedy is the one who has been found to have connections with the murder. He is been charged with the first-degree murder of 22nd-year-old Kimberly Ratliff who found dead in a car parked in a parking lot in Council Bluffs.  According to the report, her body was mutilated and her throat was slit to the point she was nearly decapitated.

Last Ratliff was seen leaving her job at the Airlite Plastics Company in Omaha. The investigation authorities said that Ratliff was killed somewhere else before she left the car, noting the lack of blood discovered in the vehicle. With that, they even mentioned that her clothes were changed as well.

In 2016, Ratliff’s mother and stepfather told the Des Moines Register that the 22-year-old used to hang out a lot with drug dealers and users. However, Ratliff’s stepfather has been extremely possessive and is blaming him for his daughter’s drug addict.

According to authorities, they had a suspect for a year but they didn’t have enough evidence to make an arrest against him.

Still, it’s unclear what was the evidence or connection they found which made the authorities to reach out to Kennedy and make an arrest. Also, his motive for the murder remains unclear as well.

Sources say that Kenny was living in Council Bluffs in 1999 when Ratliff was murdered. But The Ames Tribune reports that Kennedy was jailed in Montana as he awaits extradition to Iowa.

Still, the investigation is going on! So it’s better to wait to get answers, we will be updating you as soon as things get confirmed and announced officially, till that, stay tuned to our site for future updates.