A police officer charged with murder of his mistress, sentenced for 10 years

A Dorset police officer Timothy Brehmer, 41 acquitted him of murder but a jury sentenced him for manslaughter after he admitted to strangling Claire Parry,41. Brehmer was having an affair with Parry who is a married nurse of two children. They have been in an extra marital affair for 10 years, she decided to send a message to his wife “I’m cheating on you”, from Brehmer’s phone.

The incident took place on 9th of May, when they were inside the car. Brehmer got afraid that Parry would reveal everything and strangled her. Brehmer claimed that he was trying to push Parry out of the car and did not strangle her intentionally and kill her. Brehmer said when he came to know that Parry passed away in the hospital, he felt like killing himself.

Claire Parry died due to brain injury caused by neck compression; she was pronounced dead a day after the attack. Parry was threatening Brehmer to reveal the affair to his wife.

Brehmer told the authorities that he left the place and without knowing how much harm did Parry was suffering. Justice Jacob said, “yet you did nothing to try to help Claire Parry, you did not ask how she was, that was because you knew how she was”. “you must have known that her body had gone limp after your assault on her”.

Brehmer is in jail sentenced for 10 years. He must complete his two-third in prison before filing parole.