A mistrial announced for Dylan Redwine’s homicide case.

by San Eli News

A mistrial has been announced in the case of Mark Redwine, considered as a Colorado child killer after when his defense team member showed the symptom of COVID-19.

According to Durango Herald, Redwine’s lead prosecutor, as well as 6th Judicial District Attorney Christian Champagne raised the question whether the defense is trying to delay the hearing intentionally. During the trial, the defense attorney John Moran was seen speaking to someone without wearing a mask.

On Monday, in noon, an immediate mistrial was declared by the judge Jeffrey Wilson.

Here’s what Wilson wrote, “The Court, for the reasons stated on the record and without making any findings as to the veracity of the allegations, finds that even if such allegations are true, the Court has no choice but to grant D-180 and declare a mistrial to ensure that Mr. Redwine has effective assistance of counsel.”

For the future proceeding of the trial, a conference is to be held on Friday.

According to CrimeOnline, Redwine was arrested in 2017, in Washington in connection to the death of his 13-years-old son Dylan Redwine. He is facing the charges for child-abuse and second-degree murder.

According to Redwine, the day his son died, he went to work and then he went to buy some errands. He left his son back at home sleeping on a couch. Upon his arrival his son was not there. Later on he learned that his son went for fishing but when he didn’t return, he become worried .

Redwine said, “The TV was on. There was a bowl and box of cereal out. After a couple of hours, I got concerned.”

A statement released by grand jury against Redwine said, “Mark Redwine and Dylan Redwine had argued and fought on their previous visit, they had not been getting along leading up to the court-ordered visit, and several witnesses stated that Dylan Redwine did not want to visit Mark Redwine. Text messages indicated Dylan Redwine had asked to stay with a friend rather than his father the same night of his arrival, a request that was denied by Mark Redwine.”

In connection to his son’s murder, Redwine has pleaded himself as not guilty.