A man crashed his car into Utility pole, father and sister found dead inside home

A man crashed his own car and slit his own throat on Tuesday before police reached his car. The officers arrived at the resident of the man to inform about his apparent suicide and came to found that father and her sister were dead inside the home.

Sherlock county police attempted a traffic stop on Tuesday, the vehicle in question sto[ped at an intersection the man came out of the car. The driver in the car fled away. After chasing a while the man crashed his car into a utility pole and slit his own throat. He was pronounced dead.

Police has taken the case as homicide investigation and believes that the murder of father and daughter are realtered.

Neighbors told officers that the last time they saw Amanda was on September 25, and the bodies might be there for two weeks. Bill Farnum,43 was on parole, released from prison on the charges of burglary in May 2019. After checking, Bill had 5 open cases back to July and recently September 8, cited for possession of marijuana.

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