A man accused of plotting his wife’s death by rigging wires on the staircase

A Pennsylvania man has been blamed for plotting to execute his significant other by gear a tripwire at the head of a flight of stairs inside their home.

William Joseph Dankesreiter Jr., 60, purportedly introduced a fishing line in the hopes that his significant other Laura would stumble on it and tumble down the steps to their cellar.

“It was clearly considered,” State Trooper Stephen Limani told the outlet. “There was nothing unintentional about this.”

As per court records, the debilitated plan almost worked, when, on Saturday morning, Dankesreiter’s better half made a beeline for the cellar to get something from a cooler for breakfast.

Fortunately, she had the option to get herself before tumbling down the steps.

“On the off chance that she had fallen, there were around 10 stages she would have tumbled down and there is a little arrival territory. And afterward another couple of steps, she would have been arriving on concrete. I can just envision how cataclysmic her wounds would be,” Limani said.

The lady told examiners she initially thought the wire was important for the covering that had come free, as per the court documents.

She at that point saw two metal eye snares on either side of the entryway, which hung tight around three creeps over the floor covering, the records affirmed.

Dankesreiter returned home as his significant other was talking with the troopers, who captured and accused him of endeavored murder, irritated attack, straightforward attack, and careless risk.

He was being held at the Westmoreland County Prison on $500,000 bail, with a primer hearing for his situation set for Friday.

Laura told specialists this wasn’t the first run through her better half had supposedly attempted to hurt her.

“That is something with aggressive behavior at home,” Limani stated, “it normally increments. It begins at a low level, with a monstrous attack, and raises to physical brutality.”