A Libyan Father Has Adopted 80 Terminally Ill Children In The 40 years Since Immigrating To The United States

A Libyan immigrant to the United States has for the last 40 years devoted himself selflessly to terminally ill children in Los Angeles. Over these years the widow has adopted 80 children, who did not have anyone else, and cared for them up until their final days.

Mohamed Bzeek, who is 65, was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2017 for which he now receives treatment, a process he says has only brought him closer to the children and more determined than ever to make their lives as good as they can be in the little time they have. He also cares for his own son who was born with dwarfism.

Telling his story, he said:

“In 1995, we [Mohamed and his late wife] decided to adopt orphans left at hospitals or taken from their families by the state because of violence and pressure. The only house that accepts orphans and children who are about to die in Los Angeles is my house. I have dealt with 80 children since 1989. Ten children lost their lives in my arms. They know that I do not hesitate to accept. If I don’t, they are sent to hospitals and don’t have a family or house. However, when I take them, they feel a family atmosphere. They feel safe and are loved until the end of their lives.”

Speaking of his own diagnosis, he said:

“I had no family with me and I was scared. I felt the same what the kids feel. They are alone. If I am 62 [now 65] and I am scared, what about them?”

The Los Angeles children’s department already make sure to contact him whenever they have a child ready for adoption who has facing a life-limiting illness.

After hearing his story, a woman named Margaret Cotts established a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the selfless hero. So far the page has raised over $700,000.