A Ferry Noticed Something In The Water. When It Got Closer, Everyone Screamed For Help

by San Eli News

While a ferry carried people through the Gulf of Corinth, which is just off the coast of Greece, someone onboard noticed something floating in the distance. From where they were, it was impossible to tell what the object in the sea was. However, as the ferry got closer and closer, the identity of the strange object became clear – it was a unicorn pool float that had somehow gotten far out to sea.

While a lone unicorn float in the middle of the sea is weird enough, those on board the ferry realized as they grew closer that the float was not empty as they first had feared. Instead, it was inhabited by a lone four-year-old girl who was swept up by the sea and taken far away from her family. The girl was horrified that she was all alone in the open water with nothing to protect herself except for the large inflatable unicorn that had been bought for her as a gift.

The girl’s parents had called authorities when they realized their daughter was missing. They knew that she was in the unicorn float and that the sea must have dragged her out past the point of no return. Because the little girl’s parents were unable to swim out to reach the unicorn float, they needed the Greek authorities to do something to save their little child.

Fortunately, the ferry of people spotted the girl, who had floated a half-mile out to sea, and was able to save her from potential drowning. The incident was reported by Inside Edition on August 25, 2020 – and included the following description on the YouTube video page:

“It wasn’t your everyday ocean rescue. A 4-year-old girl sitting in an inflatable unicorn raft was spotted in the waters of Greece’s Gulf of Patras. Thankfully, the inflatable unicorn proved to be surprisingly sea-worthy. The little girl held on tightly as a ferry boat got closer and closer. Finally, the girl and her raft were within reach, and a crewman plucked her out of the water. The unicorn raft was also salvaged.”

Fortunately, the girl was saved – and so was her favorite unicorn float.

Hundreds of people like you shared their reactions to the shocking story of the girl who floated out to sea in nothing but an inflatable unicorn. Overall, people were very pleased to know that she was saved.

“That must have been scary for the poor girl, but I’m glad she’s okay.”

“Imagine all alone in the sea seeing nothing but water everywhere. I would have been scared of myself. Glad she is okay.”

“I cannot imagine the faces of their parents when their child was saved. Good job, saviors.”

“Moral of the story: Don’t use inflatables when you’re in a large body of water and always keep an eye on your kids.”

“The parents took their eyes off here for ‘a few minutes.’ Hilarious that that has managed to fool people. Try closer to 15 minutes.”

Do you think these parents were neglecting their child or do you think it was an innocent mistake?

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