A criminal got arrested again because of his connection to a missing teen.

A man from Florida, who was released out of the prison in July 2020, is arrested again for having an intimate relationship with an underage girl who went missing.

According to the Fox 8 report, the 24-years-old Flor-Adam Brandon Cruz got arrested in an “Operational Social Bust.” In this operation, the authorities goes undercover as minors to capture the criminals. While pretending to be a teen girl, a detective came across Cruz online.

The court document says that Cruz was the first person to initiate the chat, and started sending explicit messages. According to the ABC Tampa Bay, Cruz was arrested by the detective in Brandon during a traffic stop.

While going through the Suspects phone, the officials found evidence agaist Cruz, who used Uber to move a 15-years-old girl who is reported missing in the Pinellas County. Cruz and a girl engaged in intimate relationship on two different occasion.

According to the official the intimate act was recorded by Cruz on his phone.

Sheriff Chad Chronister said, “It sickens me that this convicted sex offender continued to prey on children even after serving time in prison for his heinous acts.” He further added, “Had it not been for the thorough investigative work of our detectives well after Operation Social Bust ended, we would have never known about this juvenile who Cruz was taking advantage of repeatedly.”

Cruz is charged with the following criminal charges: Transmission of harmful material to a minor, promotion of a sexual performance by a child, unlawful use of a two-way communications device, interference with a child custody, violation of probation, lewd and lascivious battery, traveling to meet a minor using computer services/devices to solicit illegal acts.

During the time of his arrest, Cruz was on probation till 2032 after he got released from the Florida State prison.