A couple pleaded not guilty for abusing their six children

A couple were accused of torturing their six children ages from 6 to 14. Tennessee Department of Children’s Services alerted the Roane County Sheriff’s Office, the couple were aimed at them. The abuse occurred between January 2018 and June 13,2020.

Randall,53 and Michelle Ridenour, 48 used to choke, punch, kick and starve them in the name of punishments. The children also claimed that Ridenour put a knife on one of the children’s necks. Several severe bruises were found on the belt. The children were kept with a relative, till the Roane County Child Protective Investigative Team were holding their inquiry.

The couple admitted their harsh actions of kicking and hitting their children. Michelle also claimed to have grabbed her children by their throat. The Ridenours are charged with 14 counts of aggravated child abuse, seven counts of aggravated child neglect, and five counts of assault.

The couple is asked to appear in court on December 7.