A boy shot his own father due to his abusive behavior towards his family

A teen boy shot dead his father, who was abusive to his family. Tucker Gales, a 15-year-old boy, was arrested for killing Wesley Jordan Gales, 66. The incident took place on October 28 at home. The boy admitted his crime to the investigators and claimed that he used a 22 caliber Marlin semi-automatic rifle to kill his dad. “He had enough of his father abusing his mother”.

The news was soon taken on social media, the comments fled with positive views for the teen boy. One of the comments mentioned Tucker as “Her”, while another said, “any man young or old should have done the same thing”.

Previous court records state that Wesley was arrested for cruelty to children and family violence. The police officers saw Wesley’s wife Deborah bleeding and marks on the body, then questioned him, Wesley admitted to the verbal and physical altercation. He was sentenced to a year of Probation and was pleaded guilty.

In September Deborah informed 911 after her husband threatened them with killing his son and also Wesley kicked her in her private parts. Wesley denied the allegations that were imposed on him. The violence has been ongoing for years. In 2017, Deborah and Tucker claimed that Wesley was being physically abusive to which he denied, Tucker took her mother’s back and said, “yes you did; you grabbed her by the hair”. Back in 2011, Wesley was arrested for slapping his wife.

Tucker’s case was taken by Attorney Scott Connell free of charge. “This is a perfect example of what can happen when you have an abuser in the home”, said Connell.

The judge granted Tucker Gales a signature bond which states that he will be released from jail until his trial.