A 15-Year-Old Boy Called 911 While His Parents Were Arguing, But by the Time Police Arrived It Was Too Late

A teenage boy’s call to 911 ended tragically after his father allegedly killed his mother during a heated argument before police had time to arrive at the scene.

Percy Harris, 33, was arrested and charged with murder and petit larceny after shooting his wife, Shauna Harris, while their three children were at home in Oak Grove, Mississippi.

According to The Hattiesburg American, the couple’s eldest son called 911 because he heard his parents arguing and he was afraid of what would happen.

The boy met police outside the home when they arrived on the scene, but unfortunately, by that time they arrived, the boy’s father had already shot and killed the boy’s mother Shauna, according to the paper.

Shauna’s sister spoke to The Hattiesburg American and told the paper that her sister had planned to file for divorce. According to her sister, “when she filed for divorce, he could not take it.” Shauna had allegedly asked her husband to leave their home so she could stay there and care for their children.

Her sister, Lakaja “Kay Kay” Wright continued, saying that he “never hit her. He wasn’t abusive until he killed her.

Wright said her older sister was well-liked by everyone. “Every time you were around her she would make you laugh,” she told the paper. “She did no harm to nobody. She tried to do right by everybody.”

According to The Hattiesburg American, the petit larceny charge stemmed from a complaint Shauna filed a few days before she was killed. She alleged that Percy had taken her cell phone, though he denied doing so.

Harris is currently being held at the Lamar County jail without bond.

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