A 10-year-old girl died; doctor claims the victim look like a “holocaust”

Police were informed about the girl by showing no response. The girl was taken to the nearby Salem Memorial District Hospital after the arrival of the police. The incident took place on 3rd October, when someone at County Road 4255 in Salem called for police.

Josie Ann Abney, 10 had bruising across her body, her blood sugar was noted 10 which was way too low as compared to the range of age 10. According to the Stanford Children’s Health, she weighed only 38 pounds, attached with medical equipment. The responding Deputy said that the child looked like a “Holocaust victim”. Rosie was declared dead on the same night; she was admitted in the hospital.

Police investigated and came to know about her adopted parents, Randall Abney, 51 and Susan Abney, 44. While investigating, it was noticed that the refrigerator was locked, the Cannes and jars were kept on a height where the girl would possibly not reach. Susan claimed that the girl used to open the refrigerator and the room Josie lived in had a lock. The couple claimed that she was never closed inside the room, they would only lock her when they were gardening or getting mail as they had a firearm in the home.

Josie’s room had only a single mattress on the floor, one lamp and a clothes basket. Junk food was found in the drawer of the couple. Despite having time and health insurance the couple didn’t take her to the hospital or checkup. The couple said Josie stopped eating and they felt bad looking at her. “my own stupidity”, Susan Abney added. “I was too scared of what they would think”.

Later Randall refused to cooperate with police and asked for Lawyer. Both the adopted parents are arrested in charge with child abuse resulting in death. They are in county jail with $500,000 bond each.