50 Y/O Grandmother Pleads Guilty After Scalding Her 12 Y/O Granddaughter With Hot Water & Beating Her As A Punishment For Wetting Accident On Couch

Report: An Indiana 50-year-old grandmother has been sentenced to put her behind the bars on the charges of scalding her 12-year-old granddaughter in the shower and disfiguring her as a punishment to her for going to the bathroom and the couch and wetting herself.

The grandmother who is identified for the name Gretta Feil who also knows the name Gretta Wilburn is the one who has been charged with such charges. She was put in prison after a month after pleading guilty to two counts of aggravated battery in connection with the incident which is reported to take place in April.

Gretta was arrested after filing charges by the Indiana Division of Child Services who discovered that her granddaughter has gone through extensive third-degree burns for which he had to do surgery on her face, scalp, and genitals.

Sources say that the child whose name hasn’t been revealed has been living with her grandmother since 2nd April in Lebanon after her grandmother picked her up along with her brother from her parents’ home located in Alabama.

Initially, it was planned that Feil will drive back the children to their parents on Easter Sunday weekend. But she falsely claimed that state lines had been closed because of the coronavirus outbreak, making it impossible for her to drive her grandchildren home.

The incident came out on the 22nd of April after Feil’s neighbor at Kise Estates Apartments in Lebanon reported hearing screaming and loud cursing coming from her unit.

Police responded to Feil’s home and took her granddaughter to a child advocacy center after she was rushed to Riley Hospital for Children. The girl was found to have bruises on her stomach, thighs, shins, arms, and buttocks.

Reports also say that the girl had been bleeding under her skin which was caused by blunt force trauma she faced, and after performing certain lab tests it clearly showed that the girl has injuries in her internal organs as well.

A nurse practitioner concluded that the girl will likely be permanently scarred and disfigured from being burned and when the police questioned her grandmother regarding the burner on her granddaughter’s face, she said the child had applied various creams and lotions to her skin which let in face burns. The nurse practitioner also said that she could have ‘escalated and led to her death’ as well.