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4-Yr-Old Minutes From Death Wakes Up From Coma, Says 4 Words That Leave Mom In Tears



4-Yr-Old Minutes From Death Wakes Up From Coma, Says 4 Words That Leave Mom In Tears

t all started with a stuffy nose.

Three-year-old Nolan Scully woke up one day with a stuffy nose but his mom, Ruth, wasn’t too concerned. All kids get colds now and then.

But it kept getting worse. Nolan was snoring and having trouble breathing at night and the antibiotics, saline sprays, steam, and humidifiers doctors prescribed weren’t doing anything to help.

Finally, a specialist noticed Nolan had swollen adenoids and recommended they, along with his tonsils, be removed.

The surgery went smoothly, but soon after came the devastating news. Doctors had tested the adenoid tissue and discovered Nolan had rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer of the soft tissue.

Suddenly the young boy’s life became a whirlwind full of chemotherapy, radiation, and countless tests.

The treatment took a toll on Nolan and all he wanted was to be near his mom. When Ruth would shower, Nolan would curl up on the bathroom rug until she was finished.

Thousands of people around the world prayed for Nolan’s healing, but soon it became clear that God wanted Nolan with him in heaven.

With pain in their eyes, Nolan’s medical team sat down with his family to discuss how they could make his final days as comfortable as possible.

Heartbroken, Ruth went to talk with Nolan and tell him he didn’t have to fight anymore, but his response left her stunned. She shared their conversation in a poignant Facebook post:

Me: Poot, it hurts to breathe doesn’t it?

Nolan: Weeeelll…. yeah.

Me: You’re in a lot of pain aren’t you baby?

Nolan: (looking down) Yeah.

Me: Poot, this Cancer stuff sucks. You don’t have to fight anymore.

Nolan: (Pure Happiness) I DONT??!! But I will for you Mommy!!

Me: No Poot!! Is that what you have been doing?? Fighting for Mommy??

Nolan: Well DUH!!

Me: Nolan Ray, what is Mommy’s job?

Nolan: To keep me SAFE! (With a big grin)

Me: Honey … I can’t do that anymore here. The only way I can keep you safe is in Heaven. (My heart shattering)

Nolan: Sooooo I’ll just go to Heaven and play until you get there! You’ll come right?

Me: Absolutely!! You can’t get rid of Mommy that easy!!

Nolan: Thank you Mommy!!!

The family discussed taking Nolan home so he could spend his final hours in a familiar and comfortable place, but he gently placed his hand on top of Ruth’s and told her, “Mommy, it’s okay. Let’s just stay here, okay?”

Ruth sat with her son for a day and a half, trying to soak up every precious moment she could with him.

At one point, she asked him if it would be okay for her to take a quick shower.

“He said ‘Ummmm ok Mommy. Have Uncle Chris come sit with me and I’ll turn this way so I can see you,’” Ruth recalled. “I stood at the bathroom door, turned to him and said ‘Keep looking right here Poot, I’ll be out in two seconds’. He smiled at me. I shut the bathroom door. They said the moment the bathroom door clicked he shut his eyes and went into a deep sleep, beginning the end of life passing.”

When Ruth came out of the bathroom, Nolan’s medical team was surrounding his bed and she knew he was letting go. Heartbroken, she crawled into bed with Nolan, cradling his frail body with her own.

That was when something happened that Ruth can only describe as a miracle. As she held him, Nolan smiled, opened his eyes, and said, “I love you, Mommy.”

Then he was gone.

“My son died a Hero,” Ruth wrote. “He brought Communities together, different occupations, made a difference in people’s lives all around the world. He was a warrior who died with dignity and love to the last second.”

Now every time Ruth goes to take a shower she is wrenched by the memory of her son waiting on the bath mat for her to come back to him.

“Now I’m the one terrified to shower,” she wrote. “With nothing but an empty shower rug now where once a beautiful perfect little boy laid waiting for his Mommy.”

We can’t imagine the pain and grief Nolan’s family is feeling, but we know they have hope that one day they will see him again in heaven, and they know he is watching over them while he waits.

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DOJ, IRS Investigating Crypto Exchange Binance



Binance Holdings Ltd. is facing a federal investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service, Bloomberg reported Thursday.

Officials specializing in tax and money-laundering investigations are probing the world’s largest crypto exchange, according to the report.

Binance operates a sprawling global empire of crypto trading, including derivatives, which are essentially barred from the U.S. market. The Binance brand has attempted to project itself as above-board through recent regulatory hires including former U.S. senator Max Baucus. Former banking regulator Brian Brooks was installed as CEO of Binance’s U.S. affiliate last month.

“We take our legal obligations very seriously and engage with regulators and law enforcement in a collaborative fashion,” a Binance spokesperson said in a statement. “We have worked hard to build a robust compliance program that incorporates anti-money laundering principles and tools used by financial institutions to detect and address suspicious activity.”

She declined to comment on the reported investigation.

Binance CEO “CZ” Changpeng Zhao commented on the Bloomberg article in a tweet:

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The CDC director just gave us a dark coronavirus warning



The latest coronavirus update for the US through mid-morning on Thursday shows that, according to the latest data collected by the team at Johns Hopkins University, more than 28.7 million coronavirus cases have been reported in the US since the start of the pandemic. Additionally, the coronavirus death toll in the US was approaching 519,000 as of the time of this writing.

Nevertheless, two states created an uproar this week when both states (Texas and Mississippi) announced their decision to pull back restrictions and mandates imposed during the pandemic, like max capacity requirements for businesses and statewide face mask rules. President Biden criticized these moves as the product of “Neanderthal thinking,” while CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky actually went farther than that — warning during a White House press briefing this week that the US could lose all of the progress made thus far as a result of the spread of more transmissible coronavirus variants. Spread that would be helped even more by states like these and others that join them pulling back on their coronavirus-related public safety measures too soon.

“Please hear me clearly,” Dr. Walensky said. “At this level of cases with variants spreading, we stand to completely lose the hard-earned ground we have gained. These variants are a very real threat to our people and to our progress. Now is not the time to relax the critical safeguards that we know could stop the spread of COVID-19 in our communities, not when we are so close.”


While there has been a degree of promising news coverage in recent days and weeks, make no mistake: We’re still very much in the middle of a dangerous pandemic. COVID-19 cases, as well as related deaths, are up about 2% compared to last week — and we’re now averaging around 67,000 coronavirus cases per day, along with some 2,000 deaths each day.

Along these lines, and related to the Texas and Mississippi news, former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb had an important insight to share in a CNBC interview this week — namely, that governments and public health experts need to start talking to people about the end of the pandemic and how we get there. Else, we’ll see more people go down this same road, either by feeling like things are hopeless or prematurely easing up on safety measures. “If we continue to be very prescriptive and not give people a realistic vision for a better future, they’re going to start to ignore the public health guidance,” Gottlieb said.

Walensky continued her remarks by noting that an average of less than 70,000 coronavirus cases a day seems good compared to where we were a few months ago. But we “cannot be resigned” to that.

“Please stay strong in your conviction, continue wearing your well-fitted mask and taking the other public health prevention actions that we know work,” she said. “Ultimately, vaccination is what will bring us out of this pandemic. To get there, we need to vaccinate many more people.”

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