3-Year-Old Girl Dies After Swallowed Battery Burnt Through Her Throat

by San Eli News

An Australian toddler had passed away after swallowing a button battery. She died after suffering a few days of discomfort from the undetected foreign invader in her body.
Source: Wikimedia Commons/Lead holder
The Australian Toddler and The Unbearable Pain
Brittney Conway, a three-year-old Australian toddler had first complained to her mother about a sore throat. After complaining, she vomited. According to the mother of the child, Brittney told her mother that she was not feeling well.
When Brittany was brought to the hospital for vomiting, the doctors diagnosed her with food poisoning. For weeks, the child suffered from multiple discomforts.
Over the course of three weeks, Brittany’s condition got worse. She experienced pain in her chest. She even experienced a series of nose bleeds.
Another hospital would take the Australian toddler for her deteriorating health. However, she was yet again misdiagnosed. The doctors of that hospital told that the child had contracted the virus. They said that she will recover from it in a few days. However, she did not get better.

The parents of Britanny, Lorraine, and David had requested the hospital to give their child a chest X-ray. However, the doctors of the hospital did not conduct the request. Instead, they told Brittany’s parents that they will monitor the condition of the Australian toddler.
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The Foreign Object
One day, the parents’ of Brittany found her lying in her blood. She was rushed to the hospital. After a chest X-ray, the button battery was discovered in her chest. The battery was found to have burned the child’s esophagus. The button battery had also damaged the girl’s aorta.
Medical procedures were conducted to remove the foreign object from Brittany. However, after a few days, she passed away.

Brittany’s parents are asking the government to regulate the use of button batteries to prevent similar incidents among small children.
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