3 men kidnapped, beaten, shot, dumped in Miami yard; police seek tips

OPA-LOCKA, Fla. (TCD) — Miami-Dade Police are seeking tips from the public after two men were killed and one man was hospitalized Saturday in a kidnapping and torture case.

Opa-Locka Police officers responded to a report Saturday of three individuals who were found tied-up and beaten in the back yard of an abandoned house.

Officers found two of the men were dead. The third man was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition, according to the Miami-Dade Police Dept.

Miami-Dade Police said all three men had been shot.

The Miami Herald reports the three men had been kidnapped and tortured before they were shot “execution-style.”

Deceased victims Osmar Oliva, 50, and Johan Gonzalez Quesada, 26, were both truckers. The surviving victim was not identified. The surviving victim managed to flag down a passerby, who called police, according to the Herald.

The Herald reports multiple law enforcement sources said masked men kidnapped the trio, bound them by the hands and tortured them for hours in the back of a moving-type truck. One by one, each was shot in the head, and then dumped in the yard of a home at 1801 Rutland St., sources said.

The Herald reports Miami-Dade Police arrested Oliva in 2007 after officers said he was one of three men found unloading cargo off a stolen tractor trailer. Gonzalez Quesada was arrested last year on accusations he had two loads of stolen cargo that had been traced via GPS on stolen tractor trailers. He had pleaded not guilty and was awaiting trial.