25-Year-Old Woman Decides She’s Going To Live Her Life As A Baby From Now On

by San Eli News

You might find it weird that this 25-year-old woman lives her life as an “adult baby,” but she’s the one raking in hundreds of dollars per month with this bizarre lifestyle choice. The young woman, Paigey, lives somewhere on the East coast of the United States, and spends hundreds of dollars every month on diapers and even sleeps in her own crib in a custom-made nursery for her.

The woman has a large fanbase of people obsessed with the adult baby/diaper lover fetish, also known as ABDL. With more than 425 paying subscribers to her service, Paigey shares her life as an adult baby to her online viewers. Their subscription fees, which are not cheap, help fund the woman’s unique lifestyle, covering the cost of diapers and more.

Every morning, Paigey wakes up in her crib. Her life follows that of a baby for most of the day. She gets her diaper changed and then plays with kid toys in front of the camera to appease her viewers. She suckles on a milk bottle in front of her camera and does it all because it’s her dream come true.

“I’ve always collected toys and had a younger sense of humor, so all of my friends and family have been very accepting,” the 25-year-old said. “If you act like it’s not a big deal, people will take your nonchalance in their stride.”

It was not long after she “became of legal age,” that Paigey started scouring the internet for a way for her to bring her passion for life as an adult baby into a paying profession. Before long, she found that there was an entire online community of people obsessed with the adult baby/diaper lover fetish group. She fit right in with these people and soon found that she wanted to regress to living as a baby despite being “of legal age.”

Since Paigey adopted the bizarre lifestyle in May 2018, she has made it her goal to normalize it. She figured that if she could monetize her love for diapers and baby bottles, by creating a subscription service, she could expose the lifestyle to more people and get more people on board with it. She hopes her passion for sharing video footage of herself using a diaper will inspire other people to follow their dream of becoming an adult baby.

“One of the most prominent feelings people have is a shame, so I decided to go public,” she said. “I made a YouTube channel. I made a website. It’s all about how to live your best adult baby life. We like to play with toys. We’re brought joy by the things we did as little kids. I collect Polly Pocket and Barbies. I like to play with my stuffed animals. That’s what ‘little space’ is.”

Paigey is committed to being an adult baby as much as possible. That means she lives as a baby both in public and in private. But most people support her.

“I get emails every day from people saying thank you for being as public as you are.”

What do you think about her adult baby life?

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