22-years-old man stabs his younger brother to death.

A man in Washington is arrested for killing his 10-years-old younger brother.

According to Kiro 7, Bobby Hun, 22, is charged for using a kitchen knife of 11-inch to murder his 11-years-old younger brother, Murphy Hun. The incident took place in Reston, on Saturday.

The police reported that Murphy was immediately taken to the Harborview Medical Center where he was pronounced dead, according to CrimeOnline.

A neighbor named Thomas Rountree said, “I got closer and I just saw all this blood.” He further added, “It literally looked like the kid got into a shower and was just drenched in blood.”

The boy’s mother Shanty Hak said, “Some medication doesn’t work on him.” She further added, “I said ‘Murphy, run out of house.’ He was panicked because he didn’t know what to do…I tried to call the neighborhood to help. But nobody came out. Nobody came out and helped.”

Ryan Simmons in his tweet said, “@KIRO7Seattle talked exclusively to the first person who called 911 after the 11-year-old was stabbed. The man is a neighbor across the street and says he immediately tried to help the victim. He describes a horrific scene.

Their mother continued, “By the time I reached to him, Murphy [was] already stabbed to death.”

Hun was arrested shortly later.