Daughter of Christian reform school founders says no one listened until she posted TikTok videos describing torture & abuse

The daughter of the founders of Circle of Hope Girls Ranch in Cedar County, Missouri, claims that despite reporting abuse for years, no one took her seriously until her TikTok videos depicting the alleged abuse went viral. Fox 4 reports that the founders of the Circle of Hope Girls Ranch, Boyd and Stephanie Householder, were arrested Tuesday … Read more

Hero mom, 34, shot dead pretending to be her daughter

When strange men show up at her door asking for her daughter, Brittany Cormier lies, claiming to be her daughter. Minutes later she is dead, killed by hitmen. The men were hired by Cormier’s brother Beaux, who was facing rape charges. His niece, the intended victim, is a star witness in his upcoming trial. A Louisiana mom … Read more

Judge reinstates third-degree murder charge against Derek Chauvin in George Floyd’s slaying

On Thursday, a Minneapolis judge reinstated a third-degree murder charge against the former police officer accused of killing George Floyd. Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill reintroduced the charge against ex-Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin Thursday morning. According to the Star Tribune, his decision comes a day after the Minnesota Supreme Court denied Chauvin’s attorney’s request to review … Read more

Pervert’ teacher caught watching porn during virtual class

Florida officials are investigating a teacher for misconduct after a video surfaced on social media apparently showing him watching pornography while holding a virtual class last Friday. The Broward County School District confirmed in a statement to the Miami Herald they are investigating an incident involving Michael Braseke, 53, a social sciences teacher at South Broward … Read more

‘Get drunk! Pass the f**k out!’: School dean & wife give underage babysitter weed & booze as she watches their kids

A Florida couple were arrested last week for repeatedly providing their 17-year-old babysitter with marijuana and alcohol over the course of two years. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office announced in a news release that Adam Thayer, 38, and Misty Mitchell-Thayer, 37, were arrested on child neglect charges on Thursday and Friday, respectively. Police’s investigation began on December … Read more

School principal ordered to pay $3.6M for sharing students’ nude pictures online

A former principal in Kentucky who is serving a nine-year federal prison sentence was ordered last week to pay $3.6 million for confiscating students’ phones and uploading their nude photos to the internet. According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, six accusers named ex-LaRue County High School principal Stephen Goodlett, 40, and the LaRue County School District … Read more

Ohio high school sex-with-students teacher sentenced

A former Ohio high school teacher who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing two students was sentenced this week to two years in prison, followed by five years on post-release control, Cleveland.com reports. Laura Dunker, 31, pleaded guilty last November to two counts of sexual batter after prosecutors dropped four other sexual battery charges and one count … Read more