New COVID Numbers; Don’t Trust Headlines

By Steven Zimmerman

SAN ELIZARIO, TEXAS – Before we get into today’s COVID update, we need to share the heartbreaking news of one additional death connected to COVID. This now brings the countywide total to 58.

There seems to be some confusion about how we report the COVID-19 numbers. Over the last two days I have received emails and telephone calls challenging our numbers and saying they are not factual. To clear the confusion, we will provide information on how we report the facts and are working to not bring fear to our community.

I will provide explanations on each of our numbers today. I would like to begin with just how many cases there in El Paso County.


2,160 is the number of overall positive cases. This number reflects everyone who has been diagnosed with having COVID-19. This is not the current total of individuals with active cases of COVID.

945 is the number of active cases. When you subtract all recoveries and deaths, you are left with the number of currently active cases in El Paso County. That means 945 people currently have COVID-19 countywide.

1,157 is the number of recovered cases. This is one number we need to keep in mind, the number of recoveries. These are now free of COVID-19 and are presenting zero symptoms.


In San Elizario, we have a different set of numbers. These numbers are provided to the City of San Elizario by the City of El Paso. San Eli has an interlocal agreement with the City of El Paso for Public Health Services. El Paso does not provide us numbers for San Elizario on a daily basis. That is why we tend to say the numbers we are reporting for San Elizario are not official until El Paso releases them.

What do we currently have in San Elizario?

53 is the number of overall positive cases within San Elizario. This is, just like the countywide numbers, not the total number of people walking around with COVID-19.

28 is the presumed number of active cases. As the City of El Paso has not yet released specific data about San Eli we can only say the number of active cases is presumed at this time. We are extrapolating this number based on the number of overall cases and the number of recoveries last reported to us.

25 is the presumed number of recovered cases. Again, we are basing this number on the last information that was provided, showing we had twenty-five recoveries.


There can be a delay of 2 to 14 days before the City of El Paso shares data with the media. The above numbers may not accurately reflect the current state of public health.

From the time between sample collection and test results can vary widely based upon who is conducting the test. The City and County of El Paso, the newer collection sites sent by the Governor at the City’s request and private doctors all utilize different labs to provide results. Turnaround times for those labs will vary.

For example, 115 new cases were reported countywide this morning. These new cases are based on tests conducted over the last fourteen days. Please, keep this in mind: just because a number of cases is being reported as a spike in numbers does not mean they all contracted the virus at the same time and were all tested at the same time.


There is a silver lining in this, and that’s what we need to focus on.

On the surface, the numbers may look dyer. Many main stream media outlets want to lead with the overall number of positive cases, and not lead with recoveries. Take the time to look into the numbers, all of the numbers, and draw your conclusions from that, not the media, not even from me.

The City of El Paso does update the EPStrong website each day with numbers. After you read any article, watch any news story, go and check those numbers. Then, do as I do, focus on the number of recoveries and the number of currently active cases.

City of El Paso COVID-19 Cases | El Paso Strong

TESTED BY: The Dept. of Public Health Lab TESTED BY: Other Outside Laboratories The locations on this map are only approximations of COVID-19 positive cases. *This data will be updated by 5pm each day.


28 Active Cases within San Elizario City limits

53 Total Diagnosed Cases within San Elizario City limits

25 Recoveries in San Elizario 

All numbers in San Elizario remain unofficial until the City of San Elizario is able to release new data. We are simply extrapolating for data we have at hand.


58 Deaths reported in El Paso County

2,160 Total Number of Diagnosed Cases

836 Currently Under Monitoring – significant increase in this number.

114 Newly diagnosed cases countywide – another significant increase.

1,157 total number of recovered cases

945 total active cases in El Paso County

119 Hospitalized

56 In ICU

22 On ventilators

3,447 total tests given by the Dept. of Public Health Lab. 210 tests administered/reported in the last twenty-four hours by the City/County of El Paso.

23,300 total tests have been conducted, between the City/County and private labs.

Please note, there can be a delay of 2 to 14 days before the City of El Paso shares data with the media. The above numbers may not accurately reflect the current state of public health.

Press Releases from the City of El Paso

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