By Steven Zimmerman

Update –  On May 05, 2020, Steven Wayne England Jr. was taken into custody on the 6100 block of N. Mesa by the El Paso Police Department and booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility with an additional charge of Failure to Identify. This is one alleged scumbag that does not need to be on our streets.

HORIZON, TEXAS – As if this should come as a total surprise, another scumbag sex offender has walked away from the Transitional Living Center at 1650 Horizon Blvd.

Steven Wayne England Jr walked out of the second facility the halfway house operates at 1301 Horizon Blvd. Rather than going where he was supposed to go, he decided it was time to run off.

England spent six (6) years in prison for indecency with a child by contact. The Victim in this case was a fourteen (14) year old girl.

The press release from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office says England is currently on parole for Failure to Comply with Sex Offender Requirements. So, this alleged scum bag has done this before, run off and failed to return.

I couldn’t locate any information on the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website concerning Steven Wayne England and where his crime took place. TDCJ has a habit of releasing these scumbags to the halfway house in our community, and I wish they wouldn’t.

El Paso County is not the place for such trash.

(I will not apologize about what I write, or say about these scumbags. These people need to remain in prison.)

If you have any information on the location of Steven Wayne England Jr, please contact the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office at 915-538-2008.

Sadly, we have sex offenders in San Elizario. We’ve included a link to the list of such offenders in our community:

Texas Public Sex Offender Registry


The following is from the Texas Department of Public Safety and shows older photos of England.

Steven Wayne England by San Eli News on Scribd

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  1. First of all the girl wasnt 14 she was 15 her and steven dated thru there teenage yrs he turned 18 while still dating her some dumb —- went down and steven was charged say what you will but i know for a fact what happened it was a matter of wrong time wrong place he has legit spent his entire adult life in prison the reason he has the non compliance is his dopefiend — sister kicked him out on the street last time he made parole and he didnt report it he aint all this —- your talking about he is a good dude in a —— up situation. So maybe you should check your facts before you just spit a bunch a trash about someone going off of nothing but a —— headline

    • That is funny. His record from DPS is up there. Says 14. If he’s such a good person, he keep the law and not leave the halfway house. People who are not guilty are not going to run. The laws say that anyone between the ages of 14 and 17 can legally give consent with someone within three years of their age. You just trying to cover for the guy. You funny as hell, defending a guy like that.

  2. He didnt even — that —– on the cool his fucking homeboy did after they got drunk and dropped steven off at home

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