One New Death Reported

By Steven Zimmerman [My opinion appears in this piece and is written in italics]

SAN ELIZARIO, TEXAS – Across the board, all numbers have risen in El Paso County. In brief:

5 active cases in San Elizario

8 Deaths reported in El Paso County

505 total number of diagnosed cases

64 total number of recovered cases

433 total active cases in El Paso County

1,130 total tests given by the Dept. of Public Health Lab.  102 tests administered in the last twenty-four hours.

Yesterday, the City and County of El Paso released the following video on cross-contamination.

Still, whatever we do, the curve will not flatten in El Paso unless we begin to follow the recommendations the City and County of El Paso have given us. For example, when we go grocery shopping.

Today, at the Walmart on I-10 near Yarbrough, I couldn’t help but notice the number of families shopping. There is still no reason to take your whole household with your shopping. As we said the other day, this just increases the chances of your entire family contracting COVID-19.

Then, there are issues with the same Walmart not following the ordinances put forth by the City of El Paso.

On one side of the store, they had a line of people waiting to get in. There was someone keeping count of how many were going in and coming out. The other side of the story, anyone could walk in – no line, no one counting.

Way to go Walmart. Not only do you have low prices, but you have a desire to infect your customer base while you protect your bottom line. San Eli News will simply confine our shopping to the San Eli Supermarket. It’s safer!

From the Press Release:

The City of El Paso Public Health Department is reporting one additional COVID-19 death, bringing the total number of deaths to eight (8). The patient was a male in his 70s with underlying health conditions.

El Paso is now reporting 23 new COVID-19 cases bringing the county’s total number to 505. Positive cases in El Paso County include 258 females and 247 males; see accompanying graphics and map. There are now 25 patients who are hospitalized, and 10 of those hospitalized are currently in ICU.

“We send our sincere condolences to the loved ones of our latest COVID-19 victim. We also wish to remind the community that our community’s curve will not flatten unless we take the Stay Home, Work Safe Orders seriously and follow social distancing guidelines,” said Dr. Hector Ocaranza, City/County Health Authority. “We have seen time and time again in other parts of the country where there are no social distancing guidelines and individuals not wearing face coverings the number of positive cases quickly escalate. We can and must take responsibility for own actions.”

Public health officials continue to remind residents that the Stay Home order remains in effect and urges the community to use face coverings when out performing essential duties or tasks. Face coverings should be washed daily. Individuals are reminded to be cautious to not touch their eyes, nose and mouth when removing their face covering and wash their hands immediately after removing the covering. If you wear gloves, make sure they are properly disposed of and worn appropriately. (See: What is Cross-Contamination)

The signs and symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough and shortness of breath. If these symptoms appear and do not improve, the person should contact their healthcare provider or seek medical attention.

The 21-COVID hotline is operational from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. For referral to services contact 2-1-1 and select option six (6). To report non-compliance call 3-1-1 or visit