America Leads the World—In COVID-19 Cases

By Amie Hall

As COVID-19 continues to spread, people are becoming restless. Restrictions on activities and gatherings are tightening, yet the virus continues to spread. As the death toll rises, people are wondering when life will return to normal. Despite the new rules in place for staying home, closures of non-essential businesses, and shelter-in-place orders across the country, the number of positive cases is still on the rise. How can it be that with so much less human activity more people are getting sick? The answer could be something no one wants to hear.

Simply put, it’s lackadaisical adherence to these new rules and non-essential businesses using loopholes to stay open that are causing the spread.

Here’s the biggest issue:

Testing is only being done on doctor’s orders for those who are already displaying symptoms of the virus. The truth is, there could literally be thousands of people out there who are in the early stages (where no symptoms are yet evident) or a-symptomatic that are continuing to infect others without knowing they are doing so. By the time you show symptoms, you have likely already infected countless others. Therefore, the best course of action is to just stay home.

Given the amount of traffic still evident on the roads, many people are not taking the threat of infection seriously. If businesses would also adhere to these regulations, there would be fewer places to go and thus less contact between people. Of course, being able to make a living is important, but the government just passed a very large stimulus package that will aid everyone, especially businesses that have closed due to this pandemic.

Yet, caring more about the all mighty dollar than our fellow man seems to be a recurring theme. It’s especially frustrating because it is a catch 22 in live action. We need to make money to survive but these restrictions make that hard to do; and if we continually fail to adhere to the restrictions, the infected cases and deaths will continue to rise, which will tighten restrictions further.

It doesn’t help that the government is slow to respond. There is an overwhelming outcry for needed supplies that are taking too long to come. Medical personnel is in short supply because they are becoming infected due to a lack of personal protection equipment (PPE). Complaints filed about non-compliance to the regulations are taking too long to be addressed. Hoarding is still out of control. In the end, it is our selfish nature that is causing us to be the world leader in positive cases and deaths.

For America to be great again, we need to take care of each other. The economy is suffering, this is a fact. But without people who are physically able to work due to becoming needlessly sick, the economy will never be what it once was. Basically put, if workers cannot work, there is no need for businesses to stay open. And if you care more about money than you do about your fellow man, you must take into account that without commerce, there is nowhere for you to spend that money you’ve worked so hard to accumulate.